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>> but fair should be based off of everybody's equal opportunity to compete. >> john: it should be, but of course our government well beyond that. and if government ran sports, what would happen when the ref blew the whistle called a penalty? >> they would say i'm not sure that was a foul. they would analyze every questionable call. >> and there would be 13 committees. >> john: and so on. games could go on for weeks. there would be hearings, litigation, heck, games might go on for years. when instant replay first appeared that almost happened to pro football. the nitpickers in charge to create every close play must be reviewed to make sure it's fair, and why not? there's lots at stake, but that was a disaster. fans were bored. it stopped the momentum of the game. during sunday's sunday's super bowl, coaches will get to challenge close plays but there will being limit no more than six appeals per team and refs may stare at
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the replay screen for no longer than 60 seconds. in other words a limit on the search for perfect fairness. that works. you set up clear and simple rules, and then the refs get out of the way and try to stay out of the game. if only government worked that way, we would be much better off. that's our show. thanks for watching. see you next week. the replay screen for no more than 60 seconds a limit on the search. that works. clear and simple rules than the rest get out of the way hello. i'm hell they are childers. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm greg greg jarrett. there are new claims of a responsibility for a terrorist attack on the u.s. embassy in turkey. we know about the group and how they fit into the wider global
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terror network. >> the white house on defense over defense secretary nominee chuck hagel's explosive and contentious senate hearing. what are the chances that he'll get confirmed. the dow closing above 14,000 for the very first time in years. will it continue? that's the big question. but up first some brand new developments this out of alabama. that's where a 5-year-old boy remains hostage in an underground bunker. at this hour authorities sent a special message to the man holding him there, jimmy lee dykes. the standoff began five days ago when police say dykes kidnapped the boy from his school bus after shooting the driver. jonathan serrie is live at the scene in midland city, alabama. what's the latest? >> reporter: no resolution as the hostage standoff goes into a fifth afternoon. however, authorities say they are in constant communication
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with 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes communicating through the pvc pipe that provides ventilation from the surface to his underground bunker. authorities say they have no reason to believe that any physical harm has come to the 5-year-old hostage. listen. >> mr. dykes, through our communications we've been able to -- he's told us that he's got an electric heater and some blankets inside and he's taking care of him. he's also allowed us to provide coloring books medication toys. >> reporter: and the sheriff goes on to say i want to thank him for taking care of our child, that is very important. the 5-year-old boy was abducted from this school bus that you're looking at in this video tuesday afternoon. that's when the abduction occurred. witnesses say a gunman came on board the bus demanding hodges and shot the driver when the school bus driver tried to confront the gunman. charles poland jr. that school
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bus driver died from those gunshot wounds. a funeral service is scheduled for 2 p.m. sunday at the ozark civic center the large venue needed to accommodate what is expected to be a very large crowd. friends say mr. poland was well loved not only by his student passengers but also his fellow school bus drivers and heather those school bus drivers plan to drive a caravan of school buses to the funeral to honor their fallen co-worker. back to you. >> mr. poland certainly a hero. thank you jonathan. we appreciate it. and another fox news alert. turnish police now confirming that a new york city woman missing has been found dead in turkey. 33-year-old woman was reportedly missing nearly two weeks ago while vacationing there. her family said she failed to check in for a flight home to the u.s. today police say her body was found in istanbul. nine people have been taken into
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custody for questioning in connection with her death. well, new details now on the terror attack on the u.s. embassy in turkey yesterday. a left-wing turnish terror group is taking responsibility and investigators say they've confirmed the identity of the homicide bomber using dna. the attacker was strapped with enough tnt apparently to blow up a two-story building and had reportedly spent several years in jail on terror charges. he was released earlier because he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. the explosion killed a turkish security guard and injured three others including a turkish journalist. reporters without borders said they was on her way to have tea with the u.s. ambassador to turkey. >> this comes days after the u.s. congressman visited the
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embassy. all three congressmen were in curty to talkturkey to talk about missile defense issues in syria. congressman whitman said, quote this event underscores the importance to be vigilant at u.s. and nato and conduct operations on the turkey syria border and calls into question again how to best ensure the safety of u.s. embassy personnel. later this hour we'll talk to peter brooks, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for his take on the latest attack on u.s. interests in that region. well, rebels reportedly capturing a key area in war-torn syria. activists say that opposition fighters now have control of a strategic neighborhood in a northern city, and that's near the international airport. putting rebels in control of a road that regime forces loyal to president assad had used as a supply route. rebels and government troops have been locked in a deadly
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stale mate in the area since last summer. in egypt now the country's prime minister is warning that chaos is threatening the nation's ailing economy. street violence there and political unrest engulfing egypt for more than a week. all of this coming a day after angry mobs hurled fire bombs at the presidential palace in cairo. egypt's foreign currency reserves have been cut in half now by more than since 2011 uprising that ousted the president, hosni mubarak and the value of currency has plummeted there. big developments on the u.s. policy in iran. vice-president joe biden underscoring u.s. willingness to talk 1-on-1 with tehran over its nuclear program, but only if the regime is serious about coming
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to the table. >> there's still time. there's still space for diplomacy backed by pressure to succeed. the ball is in the government of iran's court and it's well past time forte ran to for tehran to adopt a good faith approach to negotiations. >> molly henneberg is live from washington. holly? >> reporter: hi gregg. it takes two to have bilateral talks, and vice-president biden said the u.s. is trying to get iran to the table if iranian leaders are quote, serious about discussions on that nation's controversial nuclear program. previous discussions between iran and the five permanent members of the u.n. security council have not done much to stem iran's nuclear development. vice-president biden in munich, germany today for a security conference did not give a time frame for talks with iran but said this is when it will happen. >> when the iranian leadership,
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the extreme supreme leader is serious, we made it clear at the outset that we would not -- we would be prepared to meet bilaterally with the iranian leadership. >> reporter: iran recently announced it will add new machines to speed up its ability to enrich uranium. president ahmadinejad said the program is for peaceful civilian purposes but the u.s. and other nations believe iran is trying to build a nuclear weapons arsenal. as for talks with the u.s. one military analyst said iran has not shown any true interest in coming to the table. >> they haven't been in the previous four years the obama administration the previous eight years of the bush administration and the previous eight years of clinton administration. i can continue to go back, so i do not think they he are serious about negotiating. it just gives them more time. >> reporter: the general says the u.s. along with other nations should use covert
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operations to thwart iran's nuclear development. gregg? >> molly henneberg. thanks. the white house says it expects the senate to confirm president obama's nominee for defense secretary. white house press secretary jay carney defending former republican senator chuck hagel saying that he will be an excellent pentagon chief. now, this comes after a fiery confirmation hearing with members of the senate armed services committee. he faced some tough questions including this one from senator james imhoff. >> why do you think the rainan foreign ministry strongly supports your nomination to be the secretary of defense? >> i have a difficult enough time with american politics senator. i have no idea, but thank you. >> senators could vote as early as this week. washington times columnist charlie hurt joins us to weigh in on whether we can expect senator hagel to be cob confirmed
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as defense secretary. the reverend jesse jackson is leading a march today in honor of a chicago teenager killed this week. the 15-year-old high school band member gunned down days after attending the president's inauguration. just the latest victim in a city where there are 515 murders last year alone. more than 100 shooting incidents have occurred since january 1. reverend jackson called on president obama to come to his home town of chicago to address this issue. reverend jackson will be a guest, by the way, on "america's news headquarters" tomorrow morning at 11:30 a.m. eastern time. well a convicted killer who was mistakenly released from a chicago jail is now back in police custody. stephen robins was serving a 60-year prison term for murder in indiana, but he was mistakenly brought to chicago to stand trial for a separate crime that had already been dismissed. the mixup led authorities to
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release him and the public was not notified that he was on the loose by the way for nearly 24 hours. authorities realized their mistake and tracked him down last night about 60 miles outside of chicago. he was rearrested without incident. it is that time of year, a blast of arctic air gripping the upper portion of the country today. look at the map. the northeast can expect a quick shot of snow, but notwithstanding, the mercury says spring is coming early if you believe the groundhog. punxsutawney phil has made his prediction. the famous furry weather rodent -- he really is kind of a rodent. he's expecting an early spring because he did not see his shadow this morning. >> we like punxsutawney for that prediction. we love punxsutawney phil
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rodent or not. >> he's just a rodent. they yanked him out of there. have you looked at what they do to him? they yank him out. poor phil. he's like what? what? >> he's kind of cute. what are they doing to me? >> he's a row rodent. you're familiar with california, considering cracking down on a dangerous and costly prank. it's called celebrity swatting. it's when fake emergency calls are made to police reporting phony emergencies inside the homes of celebrities. but here's the thing. it's costing taxpayers big money. we're joined live from los angeles with more on this. hi domonic. >> hey there heather. these calls are made from young kids by skype making it appear the calls are coming from the celebrities' home. half a dozen celebrities have been targeted. the authorities say it's a massive waste of public safety
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resources so now a california state senator is pushing a bill that would see anyone convicted for swatting pay a heavy price. >> i would like perpetratorrors of swatting to know this is not a game. if you do it and you get caught, you will get mandatory jail time time and you will be held responsible for the entire cost of your fake incident. >> reporter: when police launched their operation here are scenes of ashton ashton kutcher's house in october. they're fear someone could get hurt in the confusion of massive cops turning up and private security who are often armed. >> if somebody gets hurt because of one of these the individuals involved will be prosecuted by the proxy laws for those injuries you know. if somebody god forbid would die, you know, we would attempt to attach manslaughter charges. >> reporter: that could mean up to three years for those convicted. the problem is that sometimes
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these swatters aren't even based in the united states or they're very young, and in the justin bieber case, for example, the suspect was just 12 years old heather. back to you. >> they should have to pay for it if they do it, though. thank you very much. police in turkey say nine people are being questioned now in the murder of an american woman. she disappeared while vacationing there earlier this month. new details coming in and we have a live report. and just before the biggest game of his life, baltimore ravens star ray lewis gregg accused of using banned substances. >> really? i'm so shocked. i'm stunned. >> what does this mean for him as he prepares to play for the super bowl. the u.s. senate is getting ready to vote on president obama's nominee to be america's next defense secretary after a very heated confirmation hearing. what are chuck hagel's chances of getting the job actually done? >> were you correct or incorrect, yes or no? >> my reference to the --
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>> are you going to answer the question senator hagel? the question is were you right or wrong? [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. for over 75 years people have saved money with...ohhh... ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 year...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) director's voice: keep it together. i'm good. i'm good. for over 75...(uncontrollable laughter).
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>> heather: welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. right now texas police are searching for a masked gunman
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who killed an assistant district attorney. investigators are poring through files of his cases trying to identify a possible suspect. five gang rape suspects in india are pleading not guilty. they he could face the death penalty if they're convicted in a brutal incident that shocked the nation and raised international attention. and russians remember the bloody battle of stalingrad it's been 70 years since the nazis surrendered. more than a million people were killed in the fighting in world war ii. >> gregg: the senate armed services committee could vote on president obama's nominee for defense secretary as early as this week. the white house defending the president's choice of former republican senator chuck hagel facing fierce attacks from members of his own party. during hagel's confirmation hearing, one of the most heated exchanges came from senator john mccain. >> will you please answer the
1:20 pm
question? willwere you correct or incorrect when you said that the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam? were you correct or incorrect? yes or no? >> my reference to -- >> are you going to answer the question senator hagel? the question is were you right or wrong? that's a pretty straight forward question. >> well -- >> i would like to hear whether you're right or wrong and then you're free to elaborate. >> well, i'm not going to give you a yes or no answer. >> well, let the record show that you refused to answer that question. >> gregg: of course, john mccain was the champion of the surge. what are hagel's chances of winning confirmation? let's bring in the washington time's columnist charlie hurt. it's the good old boys club in the u.s. senate. he's going to get confirmed, right? >> yeah. i think that that hearing will go down as one of the worst in
1:21 pm
television history. i mean, he was unprepared. he didn't know what he was talking about. he state wrong policy at times and then when he did assert things he asitterred things that were pretty scary such as talking about how legitimate iran's government is. as you point out, it is a club and chuck hagel was once a member of the club, and as much as -- >> gregg: he wasn't a beloved member. i will say that much. a lot of people didn't like chuck hagel and he reminds a lot of folks of pig pen you know, in the peanuts cartoon, you know with the swirling cloud behind him of dirt and so on and so forth. here is a sound bite. let me play this. >> my policy has always been the same as the president's, one of prevention not of containment. by the way i've just been handed a note that i misspoke and said i supported the
1:22 pm
president's position on containment. if i said that it meant to say that obviously his position on containment, we don't have a position on containment. >> gregg: charlie, is that the equivalent of i have no idea what i'm talking about? [ laughter ] >> i mean, it was comical except that it is also very terrifying because, you know, a lot of people think that the administration's policy is containment, that in other words, we're totally fine with iran getting a nuclear bomb. we just want to contain them and not let them use it anywhere. well that's a stark, stark difference from what even democrats on the armed services committee belief believe which is we must prevent them from getting a bomb in the first place because you can't trust them. for him to screw that up so royally on such an integral point. >> gregg: you're putting it
1:23 pm
kindly screwing up. it was laughable. i would play a sound bite, speaking of laughable of jay carney but that's too easy an it would be a cheap shot because it's jay carney. here's more of the nominee. take a listen. >> well, you were after the sequestration bill had passed. >> not sequestration. the budget control act. >> but that's what included -- they were talking here about what would happen if you took these cuts. >> that's what i was talking about. >> gregg: he apparently has no idea what he's about to face with sequestration and cutting you know, the budget. >> it's not like he's being grilled here by chris wallace. we're talking about u.s. senators in this club, in this clubby chamber where they all just kind of want to get along. heck you know he's a member of the republican party being nominated by a democratic president. you would think this would be a total cake walk, but no. he managed to really mess it all
1:24 pm
up. i think even the white house acknowledged that some of his answers were incomprehensible and that the hearing with a something of a disaster. >> gregg: well, he screwed the pooch no question about that. is the white house now embarrassed? >> i don't know if they're embarrassed. they have a remarkable ability not to be embarrassed and so i think that they're going to stick with it and not, you know, not change course but certainly i think they are aware of what a disaster that whole hearing was. >> gregg: well said. there's a very low threshold of embarrassment at the white house. all right charlie hurt. good to see you charlie. >> thanks, gregg. >> heather: coming up the obama administration reacting quickly to the deadly terror attack at the u.s. embassy in turkey. we will take a look at how the fallout from the terror attack in libya may be shaping their response. >> gregg: and the dow closing
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he was getting everything he needed to stay healthy indoors. and after a couple of weeks, i knew we were finally home! [ female announcer ] purina cat chow indoor. and for a delicious way to help maintain a healthy weight try new purina cat chow healthy weight. >> heather: welcome back. it's the bottom of the hour. that means it's time for the top of the news, and a hostage standoff in alabama now in it's fifth day. that is where a man is holding a 5-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker. police are using a ventilation pipe to communicate with the suspect and they're urging the man to surrender. new details on the suspect behind yesterday's terror attack on the u.s. embassy in turkey. dna testing proving or providing at least, the homicide bomber was a member of a radical left-wing group, that
1:30 pm
group claiming responsibility, calling the attack a self-sacrifice. >> heather: and vice-president biden said the u.s. is prepared to hold direct nuclear talks with iran but only if leaders in tehran are quote serious. >> gregg: a very sad ending to an international search for a new york city mother missing in turkey. police now saying they have found the body of sarai sierra in istanbul. molly lyon is live with more on this. hi molly. >> reporter: hi gregg. the mother was found dead after traveling to turkey for a solo vacation. she was stabbed to death according to turkish police. her driver's license was found near or body and that helped to speed identification for authorities. it's unclear if the nine people that have been taken into custody are witnesses or suspects in sierra's death. turkish reports say her body was found in a low income area of
1:31 pm
the city near an ancient wall. her husband and brother had traveled to istanbul to aid in the search which has now come to an end. sierra has been missing since january 21st, the day she was due to fly home. authorities have scoured surveillance video, trying to track her final steps and turkish media report she had made contact with a man in turkey via the internet identified only as talon and wanted to meet up with him before heading home. the report says she planned to rendevouz with this stranger at an historic bridge that she wanted to photograph near the time she vanished. authorities spoke with the man who was questioned and released. some reports also say he was interviewed several times in the days following her disappearance. sierra made some side trips during her two weeks abroad of she planned to travel with a friend but the friend cancelled at the last minute. the trip was meant to be a once in a lifetime adventure.
1:32 pm
gregg? >> >> gregg: molly thank very much. >> heather: february getting off to a fast start in the stock market. the dow jones industrial average closed over 14,000 yesterday. that's the first time since 2007. but the surge was on less encouraging news on an economy that is so very 1ru8 vulnerable. joining us now is a fox news contributor. thanks for joining us, gary. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> begin by explaining to all of us what led to the surge what happened? >> the you surge has been going on for a good couple of years now with intermittent corrections and i think it more has to do with the fed printing a lot of money. we're talking about a trillion dollars. you also have europe and you also have japan and other countries doing the same. that is lick which phying markets and it's going right into the market. i think the problem going
1:33 pm
forward, look, i think emotion you know, will lift markets higher. there's disconnect with the numbers on the economy 7.9% unemployment is not a very good number. i think eventually moment is on the upswing. >> heather: take a look at the january unemployment report. it was just released yesterday. 157,000 jobs created but not enough to keep the unemployment rate steady as you mentioned. it ticked up 7.9% from 7.8 last month, so why are we seeing this disconnect? >> it's sometimes markets are aboutabout emotions. once a market gets moving a certain way, you know it does feed on itself. you have to realize something. the fed, ben bernanke is printing $3 billion a day right now which is going into markets not just the stock market but the bond market also so you add this all together, and you get
1:34 pm
some movement there but eventually markets based on valuation and is based on earnings of companies. if the economy doesn't get better earnings aren't going to get better and eventually the market will hit a wall. but again i do think right now there's more to go. frankly i hope it continues. you never know if you get another bubble. >> heather: can you continue to print that amount of money with an economy that can't support it an how long will the bull market last? >> well first off he can do it as long as he wants. for whatever reason, ben bernanke ended up with no bosses, no accountability, and in my wildest dreams i would have never thought this guy would be printing this amount of money and have rates at zero percent, but as far as how long, you know, a bull market lasts you never know. what i'm hoping for think about this. the market's done nothing for 13 years now. we're just back to where we were in 2000 and typically these big secular bear markets that last a very long time, once you break out to the upside, the new bull
1:35 pm
market could last for a long time akin to something that happened in 1982. from 1966 to '82 the market did nothing. then we lifted off from 82 to 2000. i'm hoping we get something like that. frankly, you just never know. >> heather: we were showing a graphic of the movement of the dow since 2007. finally what happens when congress, and we've got to throw them into this, when he they finally tackle the budget and the debt ceiling battles? will all of these numbers go out the window? >> well i think the biggest problem this country has is debt. eventually debt has to be paid back and the problem is we adding three billion a day to the deficit, and i'm just worried that one day we're going to wake up and the market's eyes are going to open up and say wait a minute, look at all these debt and start hitting the wrong way. but look. so far so good. for whatever reason the market likes what it sees, and i never argue with the market. it's kind of stupid to do that. i think you would be run over by a train if you bet against it right now.
1:36 pm
>> heather: gary kaltbaum joining us. thank you so much. we appreciate your insight as always. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> gregg: so he gave us the barney cam. remember that, and he was by president bush's side throughout his eight years in the white house. what the former president is now saying about his beloved scottish terrier. yeah the barney cam. >> heather: hours before the big game, gregg, new developments and allegations involving nfl player ray lewis. >> gregg: really? i'm so stunned. i'm surprised about this. >> heather: he's speaking out about this. >> gregg: he is? he's talking now? he wasn't really talking before. i'm stunned. >> heather: we'll hear what he has to say. >> i wouldn't give him the credit to even mention his name or his antics in my speeches or in my moments. i can't do it, so i won't even speak about it.
1:37 pm
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>> heather: sad news about a dog we came to know in the white house. barney, the beloved scottish terrier of former president george w. bush, has died. the president said the 12 and a half-year-old pet had cancer. the former president made the announcement on facebook saying that barney greeted queens, heads of state, and prime ministers and was always polite and never jumped in their laps. this is an oil painting, i believe right there that president bush did of barney, a hobby that mr. bush took up after leaving the white house. >> he's a very good painter. >> heather: that's very good. >> gregg: it's excellent. >> heather: poor barney. >> gregg: baltimore ravens linebacker ray lewis no stranger to controversy but now one day before he plays in his final super bowl, the man who is accused lewis of using an nfl
1:42 pm
banned substance admits he made the whole thing up. mitch roth is his name. he accused lewis of a using a supplement for muscle growth. now he's apologizing to the ravens linebacker. here's what he had to say. >> i've been in the business 17 years and nobody has ever got up with me every morning and trained with me. every test i've ever took in the nfl, there's never been a question if i've ever even thought about using anything, so to even entertain stupidity like that tell him to go try to get a story off somebody else. >> heather: let's bring in trial attorney rachel self and a sports caster and newscaster jim gray. jim, this has been totally bizarre all week long. i know you've been following it. what do you make of this? >> well, it's just a shame that somebody would try and piggy back and put out a story like this based on rumor innuendo and total false hoods which this appears to be. this man now is apologizing and
1:43 pm
so forth and we get into the silly season in between these two weeks before the super bowl, and everybody's trying to come up with story and now we have people invents stories. ray lewis has enough baggage to try and have something like this attached to him, i really just find despicable. >> gregg: jim, let me stick with you for the moment. the commissioner has really been a big backer of ray lewis, you know, and his ethical comeback, so this is the kind of thing that really kind of hurts, doesn't it? >> well yeah. there are an awful lot of people who are still very antagonized, upset don't like to see all the camera and all the attention that ray lewis gets. certainly he's a fabulous football player and he's certainly has ignited the city of baltimore and his teammates in many ways by many who know him by all accounts and he's done an awful lot of good work since that night in atlanta. there are a ton of people who are very upset that he's never come clean with the story in atlanta, that he was convicted of obstruction of justice and
1:44 pm
really his suit that night has never been found and destroyed and the other two people who he was with walked away from a double murder. people are upset and want answers, and he hasn't given them. >> gregg: let me correct a bit of the introduction copy. mitch ross is saying he did not see ray lewis take the drugs. look, rachel, you're a lawyer. where does the law fall into this thing? >> well, deer antler velvet fairy dust. with the law you need evidence. in this particular case the toughest thing is going to be proving it. i think that potentially there could be a slander lawsuit against mitch ross. there could potentially be a libel lawsuit against sports illustrated if its found out they didn't fact check check correctly. when you're dealing with a public figure, you need to show a blatant disregard for the truth malice in your
1:45 pm
publication. in this particular instance, it will be hard to get teeth in this lawsuit even if ray lewis wants to file one whether it's against sports sports or against ross because you need to show there was malice disregard for the truth. there's a bit of gray area with regard to what the actual bottom line is here. ray lewis is saying he never took it. mitch ross is saying he never told sports illustrated is saying he did take it. i don't know. i think this whole thing is a lot of fairy dust and not a lot of evidence. it's just bizarre. >> gregg: you know, jim look. in the aftermath of the you know cycling drug stories involved a lot of people including you know, the sports figures, you know, in football what do you make of this? >> well i think the credibility because of lance armstrong but the credibility of ray lewis is still subject to question
1:46 pm
because of the conviction and because of what happened. that's why he became susceptible to something like this. now, in this instance it appears that everything that he is saying, at least by everything that we know and we don't really know because how will we ever know? its not tested for this specific thing, in the national football league. the national football league loses jurisdiction over ray lewis after sunday. he's announced he's retiring so the story will go away. if anything ever was to come of it, there's nothing really anybody could do. you get back to credibility. everybody now is under a microscope. you don't know what to believe who to believe and how to believe it but i believe in this instance just based on everything that we've seen up to date and been told that ray lewis is a victim. >> gregg: yeah. it takes away from the event, rachel. >> yeah. >> gregg: it's sort of a sad commentary. >> well, absolutely. it takes away from the event and it also takes away from the entire idea behind sports, and everyone is supposed to be enjoying it. you have all this falsehood
1:47 pm
going on with everything, and nobody trusts anything any more. that's sad. >> gregg: jim gray, rachel self, thank you for being with us today. >> thank you. >> good to see you. thanks, gregg. >> heather: still to come new details on the terror attack on the u.s. embassy in turkey, and coming up we'll talk about what washington needs to do to stop this wave of attacks on u.s. diplomats overseas. >> he was wearing a suicide vest. he exploded at the guard who was there. his side of the security barrier was killed but two who were in that same building but on the other side of the glass survived. i you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. for faster relief, try dulcolac laxative tablets. dulcolac provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days.
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>> heather: welcome back. the white house reacting to the deadly terror attack on the u.s. embassy in turkey yesterday. a homicide bomber blew up the visitors' gate killing himself and a security guard. now, you may remember the president, he was criticized by some for his response to the september 11th consulate attack in libya, but now the white house quickly and clearly labeling this latest incident. >> a suicide bombing on the perimeter of an embassy is by definition an act of terror. it is a terrorist attack. however we do not know at this point who is responsible or the motivations behind the attack. the attack itself is clearly an act of terror.
1:51 pm
>> heather: sounds a little different, doesn't it? we have a senior fellow for national security affairs at the heritage foundation and a former assistant secretary of defense. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. >> heather: let's begin with that. what is your opinion of the white house's response? they were very quick to call the attack by definition an act of terror. compare that, of course, to their response to benghazi. lesson learned? >> yeah. absolutely. i mean, both are tragic events. i do have to kind of laugh a little bit at the differences between the two responses initial responses. i mean, if you ran those side by side what a stark contrast in how they laid this out for the american people and i think the administration was rightfully criticized for how they handled benghazi. they bungled it. they could have said the same thing about benghazi. it was a terror attack. we're not sure motivations or exactly who did it but it was a terror attack. of course, you have to remember the time heather.
1:52 pm
remember that was back during the election season so i think that is one of the reasons for the distinct contrast between benghazi and ankara. >> heather: in fact they bent over backwards some would say, to not call it a terrorist attack. >> absolutely. >> heather: moving to the latest incident what do we know about the revolutionary people's liberation army front the group that has claimed responsibility for the attack? >> well, in a certain way they're obviously deadly but i mean, in a certain way they're a throwback to the 1970s and 1980s to war. they're a marxist, leninist terror group. they're anti-american they're anti-turk, anti-nato, but they're still very, very dangerous as we know from what happened the other day, and they clearly have the united states in the crosshairs. >> heather: and how did they fit in this particular group, with the terror puzzle in the immediate and wider regional map
1:53 pm
if you take it out a little further? how do they relate? >> well, you have to be very concerned. the middle east is a very tough neighborhood right now and turkey is a unique country that kind of bridges between europe and the middle east, and obviously syria is on its borders. it's not quite clear, we don't have all the motivations yet so we're just speculating, but this could have something to do with what is going on in syria right next door to turkey. like i said, we don't have all the motivations for this group in terms of this attack but it's possible it is related to american troops being there with their missile batteries to defend turkey and a nato ally, against aggression by syria. not quite clear at this point but obviously something the intelligence community, the policy community needs to be looking at very closely considering attacks in benghazi and another attack now in ankara. >> heather: and turkey has been one of the you know leading advocates, you could say for
1:54 pm
foreign intervention into the civil war in syria. >> that's right. this sort of group wants to destabilize turkey, they want to act against the united states, they want to act against nato in that part of the world and it's not quite clear. it could have something specifically to do with the desire of the turkish government to overthrow assad but at this point we don't have exactly that, so we can't connect those dots. >> heather: right. >> it's something we need to look at. >> heather: peter, something else quickly as we wrap up. the attack in turkey comes three days after three u.s. congressmen visited the embassy the second attack on a u.s. embassy in four months. what do we need to do to stop the wave of attacks and how can we track down and bring who justice those responsible? first of all, our first line of defense is intelligence. you would have liked to have gotten this individual when he was putting on this suicide or homicide vest. that's critically important. we should that i remember what we know with the turks so they can limit the threat.
1:55 pm
physical security is critically important. in some ways we were successful fromsuccessfulin preventing this individual from getting inside the compound. you can't become complacent. we live in a very dangerous world. that's as dangerous as any of these groups. >> heather: thank you, peter brookes for joining us. >> gregg: the jury is still out on benghazi. >> heather: exactly. >> gregg: 9ers, ravens? >> heather: 9ers. >> gregg: really.? i could have sworn for the ravens. >> heather: the carolina panthers, but they're not playing. who are you picking? >> gregg: 9ers. >> heather: so we all agree. >> gregg: see you tomorrow. morning starts in high spirits but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lin grow longer his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength
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